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Strategic Services


Effective communications start with questions:

What are your goals?

Who are you audiences?

What are your messages?

Jana Moore listens, helping you uncover what makes your organization or idea unique and devising innovative ways to reach your audiences within your budget. The answers might surprise you.

Reaching Your Audiences

Moore Consulting has experience in a wide range of communications services:

Magazine and newsletter writing to engage readers, strengthing their affiliation with your organization.

Communications plans to assess your effectiveness today and guide your efforts tomorrow.

Brochures, newsletters, viewbooks, all printed material to put your organization, cause or idea in the best light through compelling prose and arresting designs.

Web sites to build your brand and community while spreading the word as far as possible.

Media and public relations, crisis management and presentation training to make sure your messages are heard and understood.

Fund-raising material, including case statements, to give nonprofit organizations an edge.

Editing to give all your written materials and presentations compelling, concise messages presented in writing that leaves readers wanting more.

Jana Moore has devised innovative solutions to a wide range of communications challenges.

Read marketing writing samples by Jana ranging from a case statement to brochure copy and news releases.
Read magazine writing samples by Jana.


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